The partnership with the name “ APPLES DOMOKOS ” was founded in 2007 in the municipal district Karyon Domokos . It is a predominantly rural area of the municipality Domokos located at the foot of Mount rectum in a beautiful green landscape.
Having examined the data of microclimate and soil and acquiring Italian expertise through scientific associate k.Papaioannou Constantine , five young people from Karyes Domokos created the homonymous plateau, a 300 -acre apple orchard where they grow about 100,000 trees .
The choice of the apple in this area was more than apt as early as 1947 , under the plan Marshall , Americans had evaluated the soil and other environmental conditions as extremely favorable apple crop .

Objectives and philosophy of the business is the production of high quality products. For this reason it was chosen a leader for the Hellenes data, planting method. In the dense planting (High Density Orchard – Spindle System).

Specifically, distances between trees is 80 cm and the treadmill reaches 3 meters. Through this culture how the company ensures greater yields per area under cultivation, while higher quality product (size, color, flavor characteristics).

Domokos plateau at an altitude of 500 meters, with temperature differences in the range of 15-20 ° C, is ideal for growing fruit trees.